Thursday, February 15, 2007

White Capris or Bust

Ok, it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit today in North Alabama...which is okay with me; I like a little cold weather in my winters...but I have an assignment to make myself some white capris before Sunday for a parody of a spoof of a Big Musical Production Number. I'm not even going to try to explain it...I've just got to make the britches.

And I've just barely gotten a Good Start on my pink print tunic.

Which means I need to...gasp...change the thread in my sewing machine and serger from pink to white.


I've already put the project off by a day just for that reason (well, I was pretty busy yesterday doing other stuff, but I could've done a bit).

Why is it so doggone hard to make myself spend five minutes tying on and pulling through??? :rolleyes:

Actually, I still need to alter the pattern; but that's a quick project, and I still need to wash the fabric a couple more times (it's cotton twill; I want to be reasonably sure it's done shrinking), but I'm doing laundry today so I can just throw it in the appropriate loads as necessary.

So, here's the goal: pattern and fabric prepped and pants cut out today; sew them up tomorrow. Shiver and freeze in the underheated back hallway Sunday morning... and hopefully send the point home with much laughter when we actually do the foolishness onstage.

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  1. Lisa,

    Good luck on whipping up the white cotton twill capris pants--you are ahead for summer's SWAP. Your drama group sounds really fun.