Sunday, February 18, 2007

That Malt Shoppe in the Sky....

I *did* get the capris done in time...unfortunatley, Other People in My Family managed to occupy the computer the whole day yesterday and I didn't get to post them. I thought I'd take a picture of all six of us 'Angels', but I forgot the camera, so I'll just have to have DH take a photo of mine own pants later. Rats.

Anyway, one of the other ladies FOUND THE RIGHT TRACK at Best Buy, of all places, so we were able to sing the Broadway/movie arrangement of the tune, written for Frankie Avalon instead of the re-written for High School casts version of the song, which was a higher key for a girls' ensemble. They'll return the ordered-from-the 'net disc when it gets here tomorrow.

It was a hoot. Especially in the second service, when our 'Frankie' forgot the words and kind of ad-libbed for a bit, but it worked with the whole ridiculousness of the bit (didn't I say earlier it was a parody of a spoof?). Anyway, I'm wondering how long it's going to get me to get all the teasing worked out of my hair.

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