Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pink Shirts

A good sewing day; two projects done! I should be ok on pink blouses; I'd like to make a couple of other pink things but that'll have to wait and see how the time allotment works out. I may have to do some sewing for church soon; we'll be doing Bible-costume drama stuff at least 3 Sundays that month and we *still* have a number of missing costumes.... Anyway, I can probably get by with these if I have to. Actually, the knit top looks and feels better than I expected; I may have to make this pattern again one of these days. The jury's still out on whether or not I want to try and figure out what's funky about the neckline on the KS top.

I wanted to get the photos of the white capris, too, but I discovered that they'd picked up a black smudge somewhere, so they're going to have to run through the laundry before I can get a picture of them. But I will...I want to update the review to show the capri-length modification.

I think I'll throw one more quickie project in before I tackle the ITT; that brown bamboo has been singing to me all week and I think I could turn it into a Loes Hinse Cowl Top in pretty short order ;). Monday evening, though, I'm planning to CUT!!!


  1. Lisa,

    I love your pink tops! I especially like the varigated pink and burgandy print with the trumpet sleeves. Did I miss what pattern this is from?

  2. No; I forgot to put it in! It's McCall's 4240, but it appears to be out of print. :( Hopefully I'll get a review up on PR later today...

  3. These are great! We have a small choir at our church, and are not organized enough to plan colors as yours does, but I amuse myself by noticing how often the choir members just naturally coordinate. Sometimes all of the women have navy--except one. Or there will be symmetrical pairs, usually with one or two that don't quite fit. I'm the organist, so I only sing with the choir for cantatas, but sometimes I coordinate so well, I fell like I should be up there singing with them! Frankly, since most of my wardrobe is in dark, dreary colors, it would be problematic for me--I'd have to skip months in your choir. Or add color to my wardrobe. But I ramble...

    I really enjoy your blog!