Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pink Projects

I had a sudden inspiration yesterday involving this fabric, which I purchased from Louise Cutting's booth at last year's expo:

(It's not a great picture; there's no moire look to that fabric)

It was one of those 'this fabric is calling my name' deals and I had to get it, although I really didn't know what I'd make from it. It went into the stash, awaiting the siren call. Last night, as I dug through the pattern stash looking for suitable shirts for the linen and silk jacquard, I pulled
Kwik Sew 3027 and heard that call. I had made that pattern up in 2003, and found it to run a little small, in addition to needing the bust point significantly lowered, but I'd really liked it. I made the changes, then put the pattern up. When I pulled it out last night, I suddenly saw the tunic made in that busy hot pink Paris Cafe print, and I grabbed the fabric and cut it out...quick, before I changed my mind. (Anyone else do that?)

The last piece I cut, though, was the sleeves, and as I was running the rotary around the cap it suddenly struck me that it looked a little odd...then, I remembered that I'd raised the underarm about 1/2". Now, back in '03, I was just beginning my climb up this here fitting learning curve and, to be honest, now I'm not sure I did it right.

But, as I didn't even notice it until I was virtually done cutting, I guess I'm stuck with whatever I did.

I may be Very Glad this particular fabric has a generous dose of Lycra in it. ;)

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  1. I can understand why that piece emitted a siren call. Lovely piece of fabric. Can't wait to see the blouse made up.