Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Personality Test

This is one that might actually be useful...or, at least, the logic behind it kind of helped me deal with people. Years ago I read a book (and it's sad that I don't remember the name; it was either Personality Plus by Florence Littauer, or Why You Act the Way You Do by Tim LaHaye...,or, now that I think about it, it might have been both). Apparently the ancient Greeks came up with labels for personality/temperament types to describe the differences in behavior of people, and these books describe, explain and expound upon them. In the group of folks I tend to hang around with, these are common descriptions folks give of themselves and others. And, believe it or not, it kinda helps recognize that folks relate to the world in different ways, and Suzie Q's abrupt manner may not mean she dislikes you...only that, well, that's her personality.

Anyway, the four types are:
Choleric...these are people who are most comfortable when they're in charge. They are very good leaders who are not afraid to take risks and they're good at inspiring folks to follow and support their vision. They can be narrow-minded and blunt spoken. Think of Rabbit or Lucy VanPelt.

Melancholy...these folks are motivated by order. They like details and having their ducks in a row. They are creative and introspective. They can also be overly sensitive and analytical. Examples are Eeyore, Piglet and Linus.

Phlegmatic...these are peace-lovers! They don't like to rock the boat and are very stable, calm and laid back. They get stuck in ruts easily, though, and sometimes have a hard time making decisions. Charlie Brown and Winnie-the-Pooh are both phlegmatics.

Sanguines just wanna have fun. Outgoing, friendly, frequently popular, Sanguines are also disorganized, forgetful and sometimes irresponsible. Peppermint Patty, Snoopy and Tigger are good examples of Sanguines.

The books have tests in them to determine your personality type; when I read them, I came out as strongly Sanguine with a healthy dose of Choleric. Perfect combination for a youth leader....a fun loving person who bosses other folks around...and I did youth work for years.

But, waiting backstage for our cue to do Sunday's drama, I had a conversation about personality types that got me to wondering if there was an online version of the test. And, lo and behold, I found one: Personality test. It does ask for your email, but that's to send results and there's an 'opt out' button to check if you want ONLY that email. (I DO hope they're telling the truth...). This is pretty much the test that is in the books, not a cutesy quiz. Anyway, I took it and discovered that, while I still test as mostly (48%) Sanguine, I have now become more Melancholy (25%) than Choleric (20%). I guess my artsy side has developed over the years...or, having left my youth leader position, those leadership characteristics have receded a bit.

Anyway, it was an interesting diversion!

Oh...Happy Valentine's Day (or, as my Very Sanguine son called it, "Singles Awareness Day")


  1. Lisa,

    Aren't those interesting profiles? There is another free temperament/personality online assessment called the Keirseay sorter II.
    It's based on the Meyer's Briggs profile--similar to the 4 types you described. It has all those four traits built into it but makes 16 different combinations of those four traits. 70 questions in the free version. The version you pay for has about 150 questions. Try this free one and see what turns up! (Incidently, my profile is INFJ)

  2. Oops! I guess that link won't necessarily pull it up. If you type in Keirsey Sorter in Google the site will pull up. Once you fill in the registration info you can take the profile for free.

  3. hmm, i ended up phelgmatic/melancholy - sounds like i'm depressed over chest congestion or something like that. :)

    phelgmatic: 35%
    melancholy: 28%
    sanguine: 23%
    choleric: 15%

  4. Yeah, Linda, 'phelgmatic' always conjures up some, um, kinda icky associations for me,too. The ol' brain just too easily transposes the 'l' and the 'e' to 'phlegm'.

    EEeeewwww.... ;)