Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Choir Colors

Last night, I was all ready to post a rant today about Yahoo photos and their so-called 'Smart' albums...that are virtually useless to me, as I discovered the hard way that they cannot be made public (posted the link in a review and then had folks report that they couldn't see the photos. I *Hate* that!). So I made a 'Stupid' album that could be made public and all is well...

But I got an email last night that kind of soothed the ranting spirit. The ladies will be wearing hot pink/fuschia in choir next month!!! I will get to sew some of the fabric that has been languishing in the stash, to wit:

The lighter pink is a silk/linen/rayon blend from Emma One Sock; it'll be a jacket of some sort. The other two pieces are from...guess where...Fashion Fabrics Club and will be shirts. The linen is really a hanky weight; I'm thinking The Sewing Workshop's Chopin Blouse; it has a double layer on both the front and back above the waist and should be a good candidate for a semi sheer linen. I made the blouse from a heavier linen a few years needs a little tweaking; I made a straight Medium, which is really a little big in the shoulders, but it would work. Or perhaps Hot Patterns' Purity Blouse, which is self-lined. The silk jacquard was actually purchased...10 years ago?...for an OOP Kwik Sew pattern; I might use that or I might change my mind; who knows.

I have two weeks to make up my mind, and two weeks to get something made.

May's color for ladies, however is orange.

I am slightly less pumped about that. 'Orange Fabric' is now on my Expo Shopping list...

Oh, BTW, I posted about my stash organization almost a year's here, if you're curious about how I store and keep track of the swatches.


  1. Neat! When I sang in a ladies ensemble in Cali, we coordinated colors, but never in choirs.

    I love orange, but obviously that's not making you as happy as the fuchsia. Do you have a choice of the orange - like peach, or terracotta or tangerine - or do you have to stay within a certain range of orange?

  2. No, orange is not generally a terribly flattering color for me; or, maybe I should say that there are only a very few shades (like, one or two) of orange that don't make me look like I'm jaundiced... ;). Normally, we're given some color chips or something to go by; I'm assuming this will be a soft, sherbety orange, so we don't look like Halloween pumpkins ;)

    I can wear those blue pinks (like fuschia) much easier!

  3. Maybe something in peach would work? Or if something darker is in order, then salmon? It has pinky undertones that might be more flattering than true orange.