Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Love those gift cards

I looked at my current Hancock's flyer last week and saw that both Vogue and Simplicity patterns were on sale on President's Day. Oh, joy...I made my list out, but some budget inspection over the weekend threw cold water on the plan to get them, and I ended up being too busy with kids Monday to go anyway. However, yesterday I woke up remembering that the craft table DH got me for Christmas came with a $10 gift certificate...and the trip was on. I missed the Simplicity sale, but I got three Vogues. Two are new Sandra Betzina patterns: 2945 and 2949. I had three more on my list, but two I looked at and changed my mind and the third wasn't in my size. So, I took the opportunity to get a pattern that has been calling my name for several months now, 8305.

Of course, while I was there I cruised around the fabrics, looking for either/both hot pink knits and orange knits. I knew I was a fuzz over $10 for three patterns, but I have to get some tops for choir in those colors any way. I'll be looking for some at the Expo, but I can satisfy myself that I did look for cheap stuff at Hancock's first. ;) Anyway, I found two pieces:

They're very definitely cheap knits; the one on the left is a boardy cotton jersey with a printing flaw and the one on the left is a crepey poly double knit that will probably be stifling to wear and may be pick-prone. But the colors are fabulous and the price was right ;). Hopefully I'll get the pink one made up this week; I'll be mulling over which pattern to use whilst I finish up the pink tunic (that one has some, um, issues...I'll try to get a photo up tomorrow). Two pink tops in the closet will be enough for me to feel like I can turn my attention to Expo sewing...

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