Monday, February 19, 2007

Back in the Pink

The white thread is so yesterday ;) ...I've got the pink stuff loaded up and ready to get back into it.

And I just read Louise Cutting's Expo schedule on the Cutting Line thread at Stitcher's Guild and realized that, if I'm going to get any sewing done for the Expo, I have to do it NOW.

But I have no hot pink ready to wear in choir...

So, I'm going to finish my current tunic project, see what will be the next quickest thing to do (probably a double-layer shell from the fuschia hankie linen) and then hit my In the Trenches pattern; if I get nothing else made for this year's Expo, I want to get that done to wear to Thursday night's dinner at La Madeline's...after all, that's what the little story blurb on the envelope is about (really!).

But I promised DS that I'd take him and a buddy to see Eragon today; not sure how much I'll get done. Time to pull out the ol' speed sewing techniques and sew like the wind.


  1. I just have to ask - what do non-sewing choir members do all year with these monthly colors? Or non-sewing drama team members? Do they really end up spending a lot of money on the prescribed colors? I would probably have to learn to sew just for that reason! :)

  2. Good luck! Sounds like you have a plan and a goal. With me, both items would put me into overdrive - not a pretty sight!

  3. Let me just say that I'm really *glad* I sew! Actually, I think I was the only one who *didn't* already have white capris in my wardrobe, so no one else had to deal with that issue. For choir colors...they scrounge discount stores and thrift shops, but the consolation is that leadership does try to repeat the colors so we don't have to continually buy new stuff.

    But that's not just capricious cuteness...the whole choir color thing is because the services are televised and we're trying to be nice to the folks in the control room, who apparently have great difficulty adjusting the colors if, say, someone wearing orange were standing next to someone wearing purple. Having us all in something that's more or less consistent makes the video look much nicer. The variety is just so we don't get totally sick of wearing the same thing all the time...and we readily admit that, while it may be a nuisance to dress as instructed, it beats wearing choir robes all to pieces!

    The funny thing is that we're pretty much only on tv locally in the States...but we're on a satellite station out of Iceland that reaches all of Europe and a good deal of the Middle East...something like 80 nations. So our leaders do have an interest in how it looks on a tv screen. ;)

  4. Oh, been there with the choir robes! The last ones I wore were lavender with lavender stoles with white trim. Even the men had to wear them! Yes, this was a televised service, too, on nationwide broadcast. Still is, I just don't work/attend there anymore. I'd rather wear something of my own making that flatters me even if it isn't my color.