Thursday, March 16, 2023

The fiddly bit is done

 At least, I think it is. 

I finished the yoke on the velvet skirt.  I ended up doing quite a bit of hand basting on the pockets, and I hand finished the buttonholes that are on the back side of the elastic waist should I decide I need a drawstring to augment the elastic.  I kinda expect I will; I think this is going to be a rawther heavy beastie.

But you really can't tell it has given me so many fits, just looking at it, lol.  

The pockets hang a bit lower than the yoke but that really doesn't matter.

But I have to cut some more pieces before I can sew any more on it's all going on hold for a bit.  Easter is coming, and we are having a workday at church tomorrow to hit the costumes needed for the Easter production.  Dress rehearsal in a little over two weeks...(deep breaths).

In all honesty, I'm expecting the team to need to make about a dozen costumes...and, being Bible costumes only, they are amenable to assembly line production, which we are going to hit tomorrow.

6 tunics for wee little dancers who will be celebrating in the Palm Sunday scene, out of this fabric:

I ordered that during a big sale at FFC last Wednesday.  Didn't get the shipping notice until yesterday, so I didn't expect it to show up until, like, Tuesday next week.  I was scrambling to pull together other projects to work on with my big crew (6 ladies are coming!) tomorrow.  But it was on the step when I got home today.  Miracles do happen!

I traced the pattern and made the adjustments for the dancers (shorter, slits on the sides; they'll have some pajama-like pants under, which we found online). So we have work to do!

And The Actor and his Little Red Haired Girl are coming up tomorrow; he had the week off from his new job, which apparently goes on holiday during spring break, so he came up and they've been working on wedding plans from her folks.  But we will get to celebrate St. Patrick's day with them.  Gonna give corned beef a try...don't think I've ever had it, let alone cooked it.  But it doesn't look to be too difficult.  I will throw it in the crock pot before I head to church.

So we enter another Busy Season, lol.  Deep breaths... ;-)

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