Saturday, January 28, 2023

Baker Boy Cap 2.0

 So, while I was fairly pleased with the first pass at the baker boy cap, it felt a little bit on the poufy side.  So I altered the pattern by shortening the cap pieces by about an inch and a half  (rechecking the pattern when I cut out the blue hat later...I marked the pattern to shorten it, but somehow failed to actually do that....) and shaving a wee bit off of the 'hip' curves.  I also reshaped the brim a bit, based on a cap I have that fits...the first brim was just sort of copied; this one I actually rubbed the shape on the paper.

But I was not quite ready to cut into my good fabric and decided to do one more test.  Hunted around and found a bit of fabric that had come to me in a bag of fabric from my aunt, who was a fairly accomplished seamstress back in the day.  There was a bit of a tweedy wool in the bag...not even enough to call a remnant, just scraps, really.  But it was a really pretty taupe...greys, browns, a bit of blue...and there was enough for the cap.

I think I like the tweaked version a little better; even if it's just slightly less bumpy, the brim is a much better shape.


So now I think I'm ready to  make the actual wardrobe hat, although I think I will wear this one quite a bit too. 

Now I just have to decide if I'm only going to use the stripes of the double sided fabric...or if I will alternate sections between stripes and the solid reverse.

Decisions, decisions...