Friday, February 01, 2019

February Assignment - 12 months, 12 outfits

Janice's February picks are up.

And, wow, options here.

Basically, it is...a dress in the neutral, with a solid accent scarf and handbag in the same color, earrings and pumps/, basic dressy shoes.

Except when it isn't.

One outfit has a jumpsuit (that looks like a lace top over full pants to me, but it is a jumpsuit), and a cardigan instead of a scarf, and the bag matched the earrings.  At least two wardrobes used an accent color (navy in one, black in the other) for the dress.  One of the scarves was a ruana. One pair of dressy shoes was ballet flats.

So there is LOTS of flexibility, even within the posted wardrobes.

Which means, well, I can do whatever I want, right? LOL.

I'm not into handbags; I have back-pack style purses that I carry for all but the most formal events.  I have brown, black and gray, so I'm pretty well covered if I want to bother to change bags, lol.  BUT...I might possibly use a colorful wallet with a cross-body strap, for those events when I just need to carry a minimal amount of  stuff.  Something I could throw into the backpack for the day, but pull out by itself if we're just running out for lunch or something.  Hm....

I've already been pondering the dress, because I expected that to be the choice.  I kinda picked out a pattern for a dressy sheath from my stash of Burda pattern mags, and I was also mulling over a knit dress similar to one from J. Jill that  I've Pinned to my Sewspiration board ...basically a knee-length gray ponte knit t-shirt w/ long sleeves and square patch pockets.  I don't have a pattern for that exactly, but how hard would it be to morph from, say, Loes Hinse's Cowl Top?   But this morning, as I was getting up and around,  I suddenly thought a denim blue shirtdress might be a good choice, as I could also use that as a duster.  Especially since I'm leaning to denim blue as one of the SWAP -qualifying neutrals.  I'm sure I've got a suitable button-up dress pattern somewhere....

So, looking over the outfits,  there really isn't an equivalent to the sheath pattern I was considering (breathes a sigh of relief at not having to fit that pattern...yet, anyway....)  But there are a couple of t-shirt based knit dresses and a shirt dress.

So.  Decisions, decisions.

I think I'm going to use red as my accent for this month; it's in the choir wardrobe for the month and, well, I like red.  And it will work whether I make a black dress, a gray dress, or a blue denim dress.

I have  a deep red silk scarf that matches a patch in the very center of the red on the hummingbird's throats in the scarf, but it's definitely not the predominant red in the scarf. I might let that be my back up scarf if I can't find another. I also have some red shoes, but they are not terribly dressy. 

I'mma gonna do some online perusing of sales...there are some good ones now...and see what I can find whilst I ponder the dress question, which is, really, what would I wear the most?


  1. Hi Lisa, I think that question "what would I wear the most?" is the key one.
    Perhaps along with what would work within the SWAP plan and also what 'holes' (if any) have you identified in your wardrobe.
    I like the shirt dress, though quite challenging with a collar and all those lovely buttonholes!!!

    1. Well, I definitely need a dress. After yesterday's post, I recollected I've got about 2 yards left of the blue ponte I made the January Cardigan from...and I could possibly squeeze a dress out of that. Which would change the whole February plan up considerably, as all the accessories would switch from red to black. I have little time available for sewing for the next two weeks; but that should give me lots of time to think it over, lol.