Saturday, March 24, 2018

Arcadia Green Attempt One: Fail

According to a Google Search on Arcadia Green, it is Pantone 16-5533.

So I had a standard against which to check my dye results.

Which were abysmal.

Granted, the color rendering in the photo isn't spot on, it really is slightly less yellow, but still.  Not gonna work.

The gluey dots applied along the selvage for, I suppose, stabilization took the color just fine.  But the rest of the yardage...not so much.  It is *supposed* to be a rayon/lycra blend but now I'm wondering if that's quite accurate.

So, I will try again, and I will leave the fabric in the bath for a bit longer with less yellow in the mix.

And I'll throw in a second piece...if I can't get past mint green on the first one I should still get something useful.

But first I gotta make another run to Hobby Lobby for some more Aquamarine dye.

And maybe I'll check my bead stash to see if I have some Arcadia green beads so I can just make a chunky necklace.  If it weren't Easter Weekend, for which we have services spanning three days, I'd make do like I did this month (I will have worn the same top 3 out of 4 Sundays...)  But there's not a chance to do laundry between Saturday night and Sunday morning and the stage is HOT, so...

I'll try again this evening.


  1. Hope you can find a good solution for the Arcadia Green. Can you fudge it with teal or duck egg blue?

  2. Gonna give it another try; this time w/ a chunk of the 'too-gray' white in the dye bath as well. Surely one of them will come out close to right.

    And, truth be told, the green is going to be all over the spectrum so I could probably fudge it with anything close but I wanted to meet the challenge! LOL.

  3. Your dots look really close. I think you're on the right track with less yellow and a longer dye time. Good luck!