Sunday, December 11, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 12.11.16

Choir wardrobe colors for December are black and kind of a foresty-green. 

It was a kinda last minute change; when word came I went to my closet and found exactly two items that would do;  the black-and-green scarf that I wore last week and this Neue Mode jacket made from upholstery fabric something like 9 years ago.  The scarf was dead on the right color; the jacket leans a little to gold but has some variance in it that makes it blend, so it works.

It's teamed up with a rayon/lycra turtleneck that I can't even remember the pattern from which it was made; I'm not sure it wasn't a frankenpattern of some sort.  It's old and,  I keep forgetting, has enough lycra in it that it's shiny when stretched and photographed w/ a flash.  I confess to doing a little judicious photo editing to eliminate some of the shine. ;-).

The pants are my often-worn RPL modified Loes Hinse Oxfords.

On another note, we have a fresh tree this year. Or semi-fresh; we got it from a pre-cut lot as the only ones we can find in the local tree farms are scotch pines, which really don't have much scent.  The fragrance is the only reason to put up with the mess of an actual wooden tree; so we got a fir of some sort.  My Sweet Babboo and the Flute Player picked it out; I was dealing with the recurring vertigo and sent them off to do it.  They got a nice one, but they did not find out exactly what type of  tree it is.  It smells lovely, though; I can smell it from the top of the stairs.

I pulled out the antique GE Lighted Ice bulbs and the bubble lights.  And the ornament spinners.  So it is a somewhat retro kinetic tree.

It's beginning to feel like Christmas...

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