Sunday, November 27, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 11 27 16

Oy.  The Helix pants look even baggier in today's photo than they did in last week's...honest, it's not that bad in the mirror.  Maybe they needed a hitch up or something...

But, since today was the last day for mustard/garnet/black, I figured I'd go ahead and wear the mustard pants.  After all, I may not wear them again until mustard shows up on the the wardrobe

But I opted to just go with black...every time I see the yellow and red together it makes me think of a circus.  So I pulled out a black rayon/lycra jersey Jalie 2566 t shirt and the black doubleknit McCall's 6844 cardi (still no review...) from this year's SWAP.

And a Talbot's scarf with a heart print that served for the 'garnet red'.  Sort of.

On a different thought...
Fall was late this was hot and dry and most of the trees seemed to turn brown early.  But the trees in the yards around us...probably as a virtue of being watered a bit...did finally turn fallish and were probably peak color last week.  I was struck by how the color of the leaves looked so vibrant against the brilliant blue sky and just had to snap some photos after a walk yesterday morning...and I thought I'd just share a couple of the images with folks who might appreciate it.

SO hard to believe Thanksgiving is behind us and we're heading into the Advent season!  I hope all of my US friends had a wonderful commemoration of the feast of Thanksgiving!  I've got at least a couple more turkey meals on the menu next week...:-)


  1. Beautiful sky and leaves, thanks for sharing. I'm really not sure mustard is your colour, but I understand about working with the group colours.

    1. Oh, no, mustard is definitely NOT in my palette! LOL. Why I made pants instead of a shirt. ;-). We've worn it before, and I just wore the other colors, but this go-round it was tough as I didn't have a lot of the 'other colors', either. So at least I've got something put back that can fill in a gap as needed. On (rare) :-D