Sunday, November 20, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 11 20 16

November's colors are black, garnet red and spicy mustard.

Spicy mustard being a color that should really never, ever be anywhere near my face, I tried to find a pair of mustard denim jeans a few weeks ago, but, alas, no luck.  However, I did find some very, very nice Telio doublknit (the kind with nylon instead of polyester in the mix) in a passable mustard color and  made up the Sewing Workshop Helix pants, slightly modified to include pockets (borrowed from Loes Hinse's Oxford pants...).  They really and truly do not look nearly as baggy in the mirror as they look in the photo; not sure why, unless it's because the tail on the  Vogue 8305 cardigan is obscuring the leg line.  The RTW sweater looks much more puple/pinky on my monitor; it's really a very nice cranberry..., er, garnet red.

I really liked sewing with the nylon/rayon/lycra doubleknit.  I may have to order more in something that doesn't look so, um, Ronald-McDonald-ish.

But I will have something, at least, to wear when mustard yellow/dark gold pops up in the choir color list.  The pants feel so nice, I may actually wear them a bit more.


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