Sunday, November 13, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 11 13 16

November choir colors are garnet red, spicy mustard and black.    Just couldn't bring myself to wear the yellow overtop again this week, so it's red and black for me....pinstripe Loes Hinse Oxford pants, morphed into boot cuts,  the aging Vogue 8305 Cardi-Wrap, and what may be the swan song of  my red silk charmeuse Simplicity 2750 shell top, as  I happened to look down about  halfway through the morning and realize that the center front has shredded at the neckline seam.  Fortunately, it was not terribly obvious from any distance, but it made me sad.  I'm not sure it's salvageable; gonna have to have a close look at it later.

But I will have plenty of opportunity to mend it...if it can be mended.  I went on a cutting spree this weekend and cut out  a skirt, a cardigan, a shell top and a pair of pants, and all of it but the pants is garnet red (the shell top is actually the rest of that same piece of silk).  So I will have the right thread loaded up...

That's the last cutting I'll do for a while; I need to clean up the spare room/cutting station as it needs to be converted from Sewing to Gift Wrapping for the next few weeks. I'm about half done w/my Christmas shopping...and the Princess's birthday (she's gonna be 31...unbelievable...) is in the I need to close down the cutting room for a while.  I've plenty of stuff cut out to keep me busy...should I actually find time to sew.  Maybe I can 20-minutes-a-day myself into something finished by next weekend... ;-)

In other news, the week is up on the Blogiversary Giveaway.  I actually only had TWO ladies who did not tell me they already had that specific pattern (or enough patterns) so the drawing was simple...I wrote the entries on a couple of pieces of paper, folded them identically, threw them in a small box and shook it well, then about half an hour later came back and dumped one little folded note out.  Mary Deeter, you have won the pattern!  I know I had your address earlier, but I apparently deleted all those emails (again! LOL), so if you'll send me your address (tig77LW at yahoodotcom) I'll get that out in the mail for you.  Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to leave an encouraging note!  I know I'm not as active round here as I used to be...or as active as I'd like to it makes me feel all warm fuzzy to know that there are still folks following along.

There's been an incredible amount of tension and emotion running through the online communities of late; I'd just like to take a minute and say that I fully recognize I have many ladies who stop by here who would disagree with me on many topics.  I try hard to be who I am without offering offense to those of you who would not agree.  But in these stressful days...I just want you all to know that I appreciate each of you.  You are all gifted in your own way, and you are important.  Thank you for letting me share my wacky wardrobe with you all!  Hugs for everyone... ;-)

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  1. Thank you Lisa for the pattern and your kind words. The Internet has been a volatile place to visit lately and I appreciate you for pointing out what's really important. Cyber hugs to you!