Monday, March 07, 2016


Tried another spot for the 'jump in front of the camera' shot...don't think I like that one, either...I had to put the camera on a lower shelf to get my feet in the photo, but the angle looks weird to me.  So I'll try another spot next time...

But I wanted to post a photo 'cause it's the blue fabric that was too sheer for a t-shirt, made up in the Jalie 2919 Cardigan . (Stops to count) 

That's cardi number 6 from that pattern, if I'm counting right.  With my favorite modifications of 3/4 length tabbed sleeves and a fishtail back.

The white shirt is kinda interesting; it came from an outlet store, and the 'french' cuffs are really not done correctly.  But it's a princess-seamed shirt, and the side panels are white knit.  So it's  a rather forgiving top.  I bought it last August; and this is the first time I've worn it, due to the weird cuffs, which I have intended to fix but can't seem to get around to it.  But, turned up over the sleeves they don't look as wonky.

Maybe I've found the way to make it work...


  1. That's my favorite way to wear cardigan and shirt sleeves together... I think I need to check that pattern out. I wear cardigans over shirts all winter long, and a good pattern would be incredibly useful.
    Hmm... you do look a little hemmed in there (hah! A sewing pun!... sorry). <and it's a little dark. I'm watching your s;ideshow and there are some good bright shots in the space between the bookcases and the window.

    1. Yeah, it's too dark in that corner and too close to the shelf where I can put the camera. The spot by the window is not bad, but we've moved furniture and there's a humidifier there instead of the CD racks that were there, so the space is tighter. And the light is uneven; sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's too bright by the window. I'll keep looking for a sweet