Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Story of the Green T...

So, the most recent purchases have been sewn.

This is's mid March, and I'm showing more yards out than yards in.

We are setting new standards over here, my friends....

But, well, let me tell you a little story about why I should not sew at night...

I ordered a yard and a half of a rather darkish mint green fabric; the generous cutter sent two yards.

Yay...maybe I'll get a T and a Tank from the yardage...if I cut carefully.

I had altered the sleeves on View A of Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9057; I've been wanting a TNT pattern for a relaxed fit, short-sleeved, shirt-tail -hemmed T shirt, and, as my rayon/lycra jersey was very drapey and floppy, I thought it would be a good candidate.  I was just a few inches (like, 2 1/2) short of having enough to cut the front and back on the same lengthwise fold (hindsight; I should've folded 1 1/4" out of the length on both front and back; the top is plenty long...).

So, I folded carefully and cut the back, then folded carefully and cut...a second back. Oy.  It took some crafty folding to get the front on, since the fabric was not quite long enough for two lengths.  But I managed to get it done, and I barely had enough width left in one spot to get the neckband.

Trotted downstairs and sewed the shoulder seams, sewed the band seam, then proceeded to put the neckband on.

Then It Happened.

The thing that happens once in a very great while.

The fabric crawled up under itself and I didn't realize it until I noticed there were multiple shreds coming off the serger knife.

Oy again.

It was cut too far into the fabric to salvage.  What to do what to do what to do...Wait!  I cut TWO BACKS!

Pulled the neckband off, unpicked the serged shoulder seams, and trotted upstairs and swapped the spare back...which was in the scrap box...for the chopped up back.

Trotted back downstairs and promptly sewed the left back shoulder to the right front shoulder.

Oy again again.

I unpicked it, sewed the shoulder seams, pinned on the neckband and WENT TO BED.

The next day I got up and with very little other trouble finished it off.

And then somehow didn't manage to get a photo of it by iteslf today.

I could easily have shortened it 1 1/4 inches...but, oh well. Mint green, gray and black are the choir colors;  black Lee jeans, and the ubiquitous Jalie drape front cardi.

And that's it for sewing mint this season.

I cut out the first actual garment in the SWAP plan...Loes Hinse' Oxfords, with the zipper from the Euros, from a really nice tropical wool pinstripe.

I think it's a bit of a stretch to think I'm going to finish all the garments for the SWAP by the end of next month, but I can get some of them

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