Friday, March 18, 2016

New patterns to try

I've been looking at the Style Arc patterns for quite some time; many, many folks have paid the shipping from Australia and been very happy with the garments they made from them.

I just wasn't sure they were different enough from what is available on this side of the pond to spring for the shipping.

But Style Arc has printed some multi-sized patterns and they are available through Amazon...and they had a significant sale last week, so I ordered, um, a few:
Of course, right after I ordered them, there were comments on the sewing discussion boards that the CAD-rendered multi-sized patterns  may not have the same fit that the single-sized patterns sold from Australia were reported to have.   Sigh.

But I thought these  (the Designer Daisy pants and Tunic came in the same packet) were unique enough that they might be worth a go.  We'll see.

On other news, I am pulling stuff for the postponed ten year giveaway. I think it's 5 posts away... :-)


  1. You can buy style arc patterns on etsy to print out at home - if that's you're kind of thing!

    I think you can order the paper pattern too.

    1. I actually haven't poked around on etsy much; and I *HATE* taping patterns together...especially if I do all that work and then find that my printer skewed it slightly. But Amazon...that's

  2. Oh I love the tops, and the pants are cool too. I wonder if the design ease might not make up for any printing fit difference.