Friday, June 10, 2011

Whatever Happened to...

Several years ago, one of my favored fabric sources, Timmel Fabrics, the original SWAP competition sponsor, closed. I still have pieces in the stash from Timmel, and when I sorted the stash recently I thought about Timmel's owner, Julie Culshaw, who closed her fabric business to pursue other things in her life. I hadn't heard anything about her, and I wondered how she was doing.

Well, last night in perusing through Stitcher's Guild, I came across a post by Julie...and in that post was a link to her blog. She's apparently fairly active on SG; I just have been sporadic enough that I hadn't happened to see any of her posts until last night.

Now I'm smiling just a bit; it's good to see she's well.

Doncha just love the internet? (at least, sometimes, anyway? :))

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lisa, just found your blog. Actually after I closed the business, I did go very dormant for about two years. I had another interest that took over pretty much all of my life. Things have balanced out and I got back on AS just about 6 months ago. I have always been sewing, but I guess I needed to leave the scene for a while. It is nice to be back.