Thursday, June 30, 2011


I FINALLY finished the Long-sleeved variation on the Cutting Line designs Town and Country Camp Shirt. Poor thing hung in the sewing room for WEEKS waiting for buttons. Three games of Mario Party with my kids and the buttons are finally on.

No photographers available, so I don't have a picture. Not sure when I'll get one; I realized that it is really just a pinch too small. The front doesn't look bad, but I've got all kinds of crazy pull/drag lines going on in the back. It's probably that way on the short sleeved version I made last year, too...I just hadn't noticed it because the front looks ok.

That's what happens when the middle age spread creeps up. Patterns that fit well a couple of years ago don't fit so good anymore.

Oh, well, it's done and in the closet and I may just go ahead and wear it w/the crazy drag lines anyway. Or I'll just wear it as a top layer over tank tops, so it'll be unbuttoned and the drag lines should not appear.

But at least that is off the WIP list!

I also realized that I did have a finished project last week -- the purple Madison Avenue dress. Shapewear will be a must, but even so it's a pretty good fit. But I've found that the front facing is rather difficult to keep rolled under at the front edge. I didn't have that problem with the first dress I made because I lined it and tacked the facing to the lining. I did understitch it as instructed, but it still wants to roll out. I suspect the stitching (either the understitching or the original dart stitching) stretched it slightly and now it doesn't want to behave.

I haven't had a chance to spray starch the gray cardigan...that's on the list for tomorrow.

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