Monday, June 07, 2010

Surprise Garment the Second

I went to work today wearing my Earth Mother Skirt and thought several times today how much I've enjoyed it. The photo at the linked blog post is pretty pitiful...another one of those 'throw it on when it's finished at 10 PM and take the picture' deals, I'm afraid.

I didn't make it with the intentions of wearing it a lot. I'd been wanting a bias tiered skirt for a while...The Princess had one that we bought on sale a few years back (I thought I had posted about it, but a quick browse through the archives didn't turn up anything about it) and I'd looked at it to see how it was done. She had tiers in various colors, separated by ribbons and/or lace, but it didn't look that difficult. It *did* look like it'd use a huge amount of fabric.

Then, back in '07, I had the Great Stash Surging trip to Sir's fabrics and decided I was gonna go on a fabric moratorium and make parity by the end of the year or bust.

So I was particularly keen to make those projects that I'd been putting off because they used large amounts of fabric...and I had nearly a whole bolt of nice cotton plaid fabric that I'd planned to use to make matching family outfits back when my older kids were still young enough to wear whatever I provided for them.

That's been a while ago and by '07 there was no way that fabric was gonna serve its original purpose. So a bias tiered skirt (actually two...I made one for the Flute Player, too) looked like a good way to approach parity.

My intention was just to have a skirt that I could wear on summer road trips. And, to be honest, this has been a fabulous summer road-trip skirt. But one day last summer, when I wasn't going anywhere but to the office, I put it on with a white cotton shell sweater and felt so feminine and comfy all day that it's become a summer staple.

Now I'm beginning to think I need to make a couple more of these...this could go from 'summer road trip skirt' to 'summer lifestyle skirt' really easily!

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  1. I remember when you made the skirt. I think it's a great idea - if you find something you works with your lifestyle, why not make a few more?