Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Trip Report: Annual Textile Fabrics Day Trip

I wish I had more sewing time. I really, really wish I had more sewing time...

I know; 'Join the club,' right?

Anyway, because I have such limited sewing time, I went to Nashville with a very short list. No point in loading up the stash any more; I've got plenty to work on.

But I did need fabric for The Flute Player's Honor Dress and I wanted some black-and-white fabric for a jacket. I had in mind kind of what I wanted for each of them...thought I'd surely find something along those lines.

What I didn't think about or make a plan for was patterns. JoAnn's has Burda patterns at a 40% discount; I took a look through the Burda book and found a couple that looked interesting. BTW, I've got about 6 overcoat patterns now...I need to make one...

The two indie patterns are both discontinued and came from the 'remnant room' at Textile...and were 75% off the list price. I'd looked at both of them from time to time, and when I saw them for less than $5 each I decided to snag 'em.

My fabric search was a little more frustrating. What I really wanted was some white rayon/linen with white embroidery...the sort of thing that was around EVERYWHERE not so very long ago. Not To Be Found today.

My second choice was a white poly jacquard. I found some, but it was too heavy and too stiff.

I did find some white cotton herringbone weave fabric that probably would've been nice, but it was only 44" wide and I would've needed at least 5 yards. At 50% off, it was still $10/yard...I could've bought her a dress for $50 that wasn't too bad...

Ultimately, I decided I'd just have to check the Hancock's on the other side of the Rocket City after I dropped Miss A off at her house. I'd just be stuck with whatever they had...worst case scenario would be crepe back satin.

But that decision freed me up to look for fabric for my own wardrobe.

I found some black and white tweedy wool/lycra...not precisely what I had in mind, but close enough. And it *feels* absolutely divine! The clerk that cut it commented on how marvelous it felt, how pretty it looked...and that it was listed at about $30 less than she expected when she looked at the tag. Oh, I need to get that sewn up for this fall...

I also picked up a piece of cotton/lycra shirting in the teal color that will be used in choir in August. I don't have much of that in my wardrobe, so I need a bit.
That will be on the heels of the white dress.

Speaking of the white dress, after I dropped Miss A off I made my way to the Hancock's that's on the other end of town from my house, walked in, and saw on the 50% off table...border eyelet. The Hancock's on my end of town hadn't had any at all. I grabbed a bolt and walked around the store with it while I looked for the sleek fabric I had in mind for the dress that she'd described. Nothing.

So I mentally redesigned the dress to have a gathered skirt that could use the border embroidery, and bought both the eyelet and some batiste to use as an underlining. For less than $25 for it all.

But basically all that will be different is 1) I will leave the sleeves off and 2) I'll add a cumberbund midriff piece to go between the bottom of the empire bodice and her waistline. Then I'll gather up a length of the embroidered side of the eyelet.

She has approved.

Oh, BTW, the turquoise fabric you see on the cutting board with today's purchases is a piece of nylon/lycra swimwear knit that I picked up on Wednesday. Among other things, The Flute Player outgrew last year's swimsuit, and she needs one by Sunday.

Fortunately swimsuits are quick. ;)


  1. Well, I'm glad that you were able to find something to use for her honors dress. I was about to offer some that I've had in stash since my local Jo-Ann's went out of business (and that I'll probably never use).

  2. Thanks for sharing the loot from the trip and I'm glad that you found something for the dress!

  3. Yeah, I went charging over to N'ville, Textile Fabrics, on the opening day of their 50% off sale, and came home with white ambiance lining. Wimper. I was expecting so much inspiration and found a white wool gab for trimming a blue suit but at $100 p/yd (w/the discount) I will "punt" on trim....

  4. Miss A and I were oohing and ahing over the white superfine something-or-other wool too. It's nice that they actually let us regular joes pet the really nice stuff... ;)

  5. What a great haul and finding the white for the honors dress was great! Can't wait to see how nice that will turn out.