Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got Patterns

According to my online pattern catalog at Pattern Review, I only bought 13 patterns last year.

I suppose that's not surprising, since I had Burda magazine arriving with a fistful of new patterns every month.

This year, however, looks like it might be a bit different. I hit a couple of Hancock's and Pattern Review...and added 9 patterns to the collection in a week. Better not keep that pace up over the year, eh?

I've been waffling forever over Vogue 7975. Many times I pulled it out of the drawer at the store, only to put it back. I finally decided I'd just get it and quit debating it.

I also picked up Vogue 1132 because I love that back peplum...even though it's gotten some mixed reviews.

I wanted the blouse from Vogue 1127, and I like the princess lines on Vogue 8598. I have some white fabric that should be a shirt; this is on the short list to use.

I grabbed Simplicity 2446, delighted that they had it in stock, as it's in the new release. Love those shoulder princess lines!

Finally, I picked up a variation on the jeans jacket, McCall's 5860

I really wanted to get Mc Call's 6028, but they were sold out in my size range. I'll have to watch for the next Hobby Lobby sale...

I also mail ordered three Jalie patterns from Pattern review, but I'm late for choir practice so I'll have to share those tomorrow! ;)


  1. Nice pattern choices! I particularly like the 1132 (that long bias skirt is wonderful) and the colour-blocked McCall's. And V7975 is a must in every pattern stash. Enjoy sewing them all up!

  2. Nice pattern choices. I have the McCalls jean jacket so I'm keen to see what you make from it. I'm all for letting others iron out the kinks first, lol.