Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

These numbers aren't what I'd like...but, well, that's the way the year went.

Actually, I think my 'yards in' is a little lower than it should be; I have some leftover fabric I purchased for costuming that will go into the stash (I only turned in receipts for what I actually *used* for the costumes), but I haven't measured it or swatched it or even put it away.... So, well, yeah.
Anyway, the stats:

Fabric In:124.625 yds
Fabric Out:42.5 yds
Last fabric purchase:12/29/09
Garments made for me:19
Garments made for other people in my family: 5
Accessories: 3
Things made for friends: 1
Muslins: 1
No Wadders in '09!

Miscellaneous Church-Related Sewing:
black linen '18th century preacher' coat
white linen '18th century' men's shirt
6 tasseled liturgical scarves

School Costuming:
'08-'09 Musical, Aida:
Lots of pattern altering/fabric cutting before sewing anything!
4 simple shift a-line pullover dresses
5 poly matte jersey halter dresses
A bunch of partial projects, alterations and accessories...

Fall '09 School Tour skit, The Happy Scarecrow:
One Jester costume, w/hat

'09-'10 Musical, White Christmas:
drafted, then constructed the muslin of a frankenpattern for a pouffy skirted tap-dance dress
sparkly red Simplicity 3878 formal dress....started w/ a partly assembled bodice

Lengthened men's suit jacket sleeves

Fall '09 One-Act Competition play, The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged (Abridged):
One teeny tomato print poufy long skirt, which was later replaced
two plaid 'Scottish wraps'
green leggings and poufy knickers
orange leggings and poufy knickers
weird cape from two actual pleated-top drapes
purple leggings and poufy knickers
green calico poufy long skirt (the replacement)
green calico poufy doll skirt
black moleskin Simplicity 4059 jerkin

Middle school production of A Christmas Carol:
burgundy 'antique satin' Dickens skirt

Just plain sewin':
Well, I started listing all the regular projects, and, you know, the list was just getting way too long. Nobody's gonna read it, and I've got it recorded in Excel; the totals on the projects are in the stats...that's good enough!

But, in all honesty, my sewing production was WAY down this year. Partly due to the costume sewing and partly due to the part time job...I just didn't have a chance to get into the sewing room for myself.

Hence the elevated 'fabric in' totals. It's a well-noted phenomenon that when a sewing enthusiast is denied the opportunity to sew, her fabric purchases go up. It doesn't make sense; you'd think I wouldn't buy it if I weren't sewing it. But the purchasing becomes the outlet for the creative urge; I can't make the garments for real, but I dream 'em up and buy the goods.

So, I have a pile of sewing to do in twenty-ten. Not only do I need to whittle down the tower of fabric I have from '09's purchases, but I need to regularly scratch the sewing itch so I don't buy more... ;)

And, for those of you who have stuck with me this far, I'm starting off 2010 with a three-week Internet fast. I'll explain that a little better on the other blog, but, well, I need some time. The third week of January would be my regularly scheduled break anyway; I'm just adding two weeks to it. Hopefully, I will get my house into something close to presentable (with all that crunch sewing, some nuisance medical stuff that I didn't blog about, and the holiday scramble, my house is a MESS!).

And, who knows, if I stay off the Internet, I might get something sewn... ;)

Anyway, happy New Year to all my blogging buddies, and I'll see you in three weeks!


  1. Happy New Year! Enjoy the break and I'll see you in three weeks or so.

  2. What accomplishments, and happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year! You certainly accomplished a lot in 2009, but I know what you mean. My purchasing replaced my sewing too to the detriment of my stash stats.

  4. Happy new Year and have a great break! See you when you get "back".