Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hazards of Stashing

While putting away and reboxing (rebinning?) the stash yesterday, I pulled all my wools out of their bin to shake and refold them...something that should be done periodically. Imagine my dismay when I found this:

There's a couple of other chewed up spots, too.

It's some Armani wool I purchased from Michael 4 years ago. Please pass the Pepto.

I got enough to make a longer jacket and a pair of pants...hopefully I can still salvage a jacket and *maybe* a gored skirt (to cut around the damage).

Only one other piece was damaged (I held EVERYTHING up to the light as I shook it); a piece of royal blue flannel from Hancocks' remnant table...probably predates the Armani. Nothing else showed any sign of trouble.

I stuck the two damaged pieces in the washing machine to soak in Eucalan; I shook everything else out, refolded it, wiped the bin down and replaced it for now...

I guess those bins don't seal up as well as I'd like. It probably didn't help that that bin spent almost a year in storage while we were between houses, although I did do the shakeout and inspect thing not too long after we finally got settled. It's probably been longer than I realize since I *last* did it...I remember doing it, just can't remember when it was. I guess I need to mark it on my calender every three months or so (it's just one bin...doesn't take too long).

Another reason to slay the stash monster...I need to be at the point where I don't buy a fabulous piece of fabric unless I know I'll make it up. I don't want to find another chewed up treasure.

Hopefully I can check the silks box later today as the 'clean up' continues....


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  1. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear that! It is one of my concerns too but having my stash in the closet I can reach pieces and move things around easier than in the bins. Did the Eucalan soak work? I have always heard to bag the piece and put it in the freezer. Kills them dead!