Friday, May 04, 2007

The Surprise Garment

Has anyone ever had something that you made that really surprised you by how wearable it turned out to be?

Almost two years ago denim jackets came round as choir wear. Most ladies already had denim jackets; but not me. We had about 3 weeks notice, and we had just moved; I had neither time nor finances to go running out to find a denim jacket that would fit. However, I did have *several* yards of denim in the stash, and a Vogue Pattern that I'd just made and tweaked. So, feeling a bit stressed and grumbly, I pulled out the denim and made the jacket; it took about 2 days of sewing; but everything...including the buttons and the topstitching thread...was already in the stash ( Review here, if you're interested).

And I have *loved* that jacket.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of photos of it. This one is from the 'try to get one nice picture for the Christmas Card' shoot from 2005, and is about the best I've got. But the plain truth is that that jacket goes with almost everything and cranks the chic factor up about two notches. I get compliments on it just about every time I wear it.

I need more clothes in my closet like that... ;)


  1. Lisa - that jacket looks great. Now go do a proper photo shoot of it!!!

  2. LOL!
    (Thanks, Gaylen!)
    Actually, it seems like the most difficult part of discussing sewing is actually photographing the garments. There's a 'De-frump yourself' discussion on PR in which someone mentioned ladies who sewed beautiful things and then look really frumpy from the neck up in the photos. Um, that would be me...most of my garment photos are done at 10 PM, when there's someone available to operate the camera, and I *never* do makeup...a quick brush through the hair is it.

    Summerset does absolutely amazing photo shoots of her garments...she makes an Event out of it, which is wonderful. Maybe someday. Right now, though, I'm just happy to get a picture. Even a mediocre one... ;)

  3. LOL! Thanks Lisa! I do make sure I have makeup on - my trick is to get the kids to take picture right before I leave for work or church, so that I know I'm looking like a human. My other trick is that if I'm not looking so hot, it goes on the dressform!

    That jacket is awesome - the topstitching is really fantastic, plus the fact you made it in two days! I like *both* the white and denim ones.