Saturday, May 19, 2007

Must Sew Project 1

DD was getting extremely short (pun intended) on things that fit well enough to wear to church; the first 'must sew' project is intended to give her at least one thing to throw in the mix. I couldn't get her to dress up and model it for a'll have to take my word for it that it fits well enough.

It's another modification to the skirt in Kwik Sew 3056...the same skirt pattern I modified back in December for the Black Choir Skirt. I let her take her choice from the knits I got last week; she surprised my by choosing the black and turquoise knit.

This time, I folded out a fair amount of the length of the upper skirt (I've no idea how much...just eyeballed it); cut two; reduced the amount folded out by about half; cut two more. Then I traced the flounce, shortening it about 3", and cut two of the original flounce and two of the new, shorter one. Then I made the skirt twice with the short flounce on the short yoke and the long flounce on the long yoke. I sewed the two skirts together at the top, with the longer one on the inside, added elastic and serger-rolled the flounce edges.

She's happy with it, and I'll hopefully get a photo of her wearing it tomorrow ;).

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  1. Very cute! I bet she loves having her mom make her custom stuff! ;)