Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tracing Away

The AWOL pattern may actually have saved me something...if I had it at hand, there's a good chance I would've just gone with that one, since it was already traced.

But I've looked at the reviews for it, and I saw a number of folks who complained about the sleeve cap...and in many of the photos, it's obvious that there is too much ease in that sleeve.

So I decided to go with one of the patterns from my stash of Burda World of Fashion/Burda Style magazines...I subscribed for 5 years, and there is some good stuff there.

I looked the three or four available patterns over and finally decided on 9/2010/113:
I wasn't crazy about the darts instead of a princess seam, but when I realized the darts had the pockets on an angle, instead of vertical as they were in the princess seamed designs, I decided to go with this one.  I like the pleat in the back and the button tabs on the sleeves.  I *could* put a flap on the right shoulder, if I want, but I'll probably stick with it as designed.  We'll see.  I chose view A, since I'm short. ;-)

But there's a lotta tracing to do...and I *almost* forgot to add the seam allowances to the front when I traced it.

It's been a while since I traced a pattern from the magazines...

Back to the tracing table.


  1. It's a cute pattern! Looking forward to seeing it on you, all shiny & new.

  2. Oh I like the angled darts and pockets also. And the buttons! Hope you have a nice stash of buttons handy, or a good store nearby.

    1. The buttons were definitely an issue; one of the reasons I was going to use the Simplicity pattern was that it had a single-breasted view, and my local Hancock's only had enough buttons to do one row down the front. I went back...after 7 years, the styles had changed and I couldn't get any more. So I looked for a different style...but the most they had on the hook of any even close to useful style was 9.

      So I came home and ordered 2 dozen buttons and some hymo from WAWAK. Thank goodness for the internet... ;-)

  3. Oh, this pattern looks lovely. I really like your concept for SWAP--it really is meant to focus on useful basics that expand your wardrobe. Exactly where you are going with your plan here! I'm looking forward to seeing you work through this plan. And I totally get where you are coming from on the button aspect. I live in Montana--the internet is a beautiful thing! I am still deciding whether I want to throw my hat in the ring for SWAP this year. I'm considering. And I absolutely know I have enough in stash to make several different SWAPs happen!