Saturday, January 11, 2014

Taking a breath and plunging in...SWAP 2014

So, The Flute Player missed the very first rehearsal for the school musical, as 1) she neglected to check the schedule she received at auditions and 2) we were all sick anyway.  As a result, she was not put in the opening number nor was she assigned to any one of the three sub-groups in the chorus.   Which meant that she ended up sitting around doing pretty much nothing at the second scheduled rehearsal.

But she spent her time thinking, and remembering how dicey spring semester last year happened to be...and, after a discussion with her theater teacher, she withdrew from the musical.  There is at least one, perhaps two more productions coming from the theater department yet this spring, so she should still get her time in onstage, but for the moment, she says she is relieved to not be obligated to work on the musical.

All of that, however, also means that I am not obligated to work on the musical.

I may, if asked with urgency, head down and help a bit if they get in a bind, but, as this is 'Fame' I don't expect to be needed.

So I am going to say in front of witnesses that I am going to try and get the SWAP wardrobe done this year.

So, the first official action I've taken is to London Shrink the black and white tweed for one of the planned jackets.  I've about decided that I'm going to use Loes Hinse's Bolero Multiples (her website is down; can't link...).  I made the original Bolero jacket like, ten years ago, but really wanted a jacket that actually buttoned.  When she released the Multiples pattern, which is basically just a set of alternate center front pieces for the original pattern, I snagged a copy.

And it has languished in the drawer.  Maybe I should call this my 'Round Tuit Swap', since I'm going to be pulling some patterns out that I've been wanting to get around to sewing...

This tweed is a wool/lycra blend, but it is very soft-draping.  I've about decided that I will fuse some Pro-Sheer onto it to beef it up a little; Loes doesn't use interfacing in her patterns but I really think this fabric could use a little more support.  But, if I fuse it, I will also line it, just to make it a little more wearable over grabby winter tops.

There's 2 yards here, which is way more than I'm going to need for the jacket.  I might get the SWAP skirt from it as well...

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  1. I like "Round Tuit Swap." I'll bet most of your readers, including me, could do one of those with the patterns and fabrics we have in our houses!