Monday, January 20, 2014

A little help from my friends...

Ok, I got the fabric and pattern for the trench coat ages ago.

Then Marji started a coat sew along.  I followed the details on an email list as the actual blog was limited to the ladies who were doing it...and I hadn't been brave enough to jump in.  After the sew along ended, Marji made the blog public.

So, now I'm ready to make the coat.  And I checked my bookmarks and didn't find the Sew Along Blog.

But then I remembered...the emails... And, lo and behold, I had saved all those emails in a folder.


I will have some guidance. :-)

The Great Coat Sew Along


  1. oh, good luck with your coat - There`s a lot of help there !!!
    I signed up for that sewalong and got all the way through the muslin to the `real` fabric. I got derailed at the padstitching. - the one lapel I got done just didn`t roll properly and I had no idea why. I think I know now but haven`t dug it out to rip out the old stitching to try again.

    1. Oh,'re scaring me here... ;-) I've NEVER attempted pad stitching; that is one sewing technique that has thoroughly intimidated me. But I just ordered 5 yards of hymo from WAWAK (because Hancock's doesn't carry it) so that I'll have the right tools by the time I get the pattern fitted and the coat cut out. No sense in doing it if I'm not going to at least attempt to do it right....charging into new territory.

      And I didn't even mention 'learn a new technique' in my 2013 sewing goals...

    2. LOL you'd better put it on the list then :-).

      Seriously, with everything you've made, I don't imagine you'll have any trouble. There ought to be a link in the sewalong to a full tutorial by Paco Peralta and recently I've seen info by Peter (male pattern boldness) and Ann (gorgeous things), if I remember correctly. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and pull out those pieces again - although hubby may faint if I do LOL