Friday, September 30, 2011

Mysterious Laundry problem

For the last few months, I have noticed, from time to time, some discoloration on woven garments.

But only on POINTS of woven garments.

Latest example:

I had pre-treated similar spots on shirts in this load and washed them, then checked before they went into the dryer and I didn't see anything.  But these two shirts came out of the dryer with spots; one on a collar point, one on one of the lower band points.

So the dryer seems to be implicated

But I don't know why this is happening or what is causing it.  So I sort of crawled in and took a look.

We purchased this dryer when we bought the house in 2005.  There is one odd spot on one of the vents that MIGHT be a rust source; I can't tell really what it is. But it wouldn't explain why the spots are only showing up on points, not other parts of the garments; I had some rust spots in my old dryer that would leach if damp clothes sat in it.  But those spots would show up anywhere, not just on points, and besides, these shirts were put in, immediately dried and removed.

Could the points be slipping down into the juncture of the turning drum and the back (or front)?  Why/how would they do that...and how can I either clean that part or prevent them?  I suppose I could make a really big mesh bag to hold them...

Anyone else ever had a problem like this???


  1. Are you sure those aren't scorch marks? If your drier is "just too darn hot" wouldn't corners be quicker to burn than other parts of a garment?

  2. I did think about that, but the spots do wash out with a little oxy clean. So probably not scorch marks.

    And I have one of those 'takes forever to dry' dryers (yes, I clean the lint filter!) so I don't think it's drying at a scorching temp anyway.

    The permanent press loads that these garments are in are dried on low heat, too...

  3. Girl if you figure it out let me know. I have the same problem. We use cloth napkins instead of paper to kinda of go green and all the corners of my white cloth napkins have this same kind of (what I thought was a scorch mark too) on them!!! Mime aren't coming out though, only getting lighter after I pretreat them. It's frustrating!!! If I figure it out (doubtful!!) I'll let you know too!!!


  4. Ages later, the mystery is solved. We had our dryer line cleaned out when the chimney sweep came to tend to the fireplace flue and he ran the dryer empty to check the lines...and the dryer was thumping. I'd put the noise down to the load in it, but it wasn't the clothes, it was the dryer. Bad rollers. So the repair man came out and looked it over and said that the bad rollers cause the drum to wobble and small parts of garments...such as collar and cuff points...can slip into the resulting gap between the dryer and the drum and get marked. He replaced the rollers and just gave the whole dryer a tune up.

    Now my dryer runs very quietly, one cycle dries most loads (we had a LOT of lint in that was taking 2 or 3 cycles for most everything) more marking! Woot!