Thursday, September 29, 2011

A 'What Was I Thinking' Giveaway

Now that The Wedding is past and we can begin to head back to what passes for normal life around here, I decided I'd just stay in dressmaking mode for at least a little bit and began the search for the next Serious Dress.  I want a (possibly bateau neckline?) sheath dress w/ 3/4 sleeves that will be good for dressy fall events.  I purchased some deep red wool tricotine just because I loved the color last February, and I'm determined to get it made into something wearable for this fall/winter season.  Since I just ordered some burgundy rayon lining from Gorgeous Fabrics current sale (along with a couple of other pieces that have been literally haunting me for months...more on that when the fabric arrives ;-) ) I thought I'd get rolling on the pattern search.

 In the course of digging through my stash of patterns, I pulled out the famous Vogue 8280 'Galaxy' dress and discovered, to my utter astonishment, that I' purchased the smallest size range - 4/6/8.

But, my stupidity has turned into my reward for one of you dear folks who drop by here, because I decided to give it away.  Just leave a comment on any post on the blog between now and, say, noon central time on Sunday, and I'll throw all the comment authors' names into a  hat and post the winner on Sunday's Choir Wardrobe post.

Meantime, I'll be checking my Hancocks/JoAnn's sale flyers for the next Vogue sale so I can pick up the pattern in a more reasonable middle-aged spread size range. ;-)


  1. This surely has my name written all over it! What a bombshell of a dress!

    Felicia E

  2. Just in case this is the Felicia E. I know do realize the giveaway is for the pattern, not a completed dress??? LOL...

  3. (and the rough ready to wear equivalent of the sizing is 0-2-4)

  4. So I have two choices: continue to lose weight to fit in the draft. Secondly, whip out my sewing machine. I need to dress up more often anyway.I can cut patterns with the material, as I did with my mother, i just need to extend my skills. No one else wants this dress? It's fab!


  5. Well, the pattern has been out for a while and it is a very small size's the kicker...I have a very small blog readership...LOL...