Sunday, October 02, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 10 02

I am totally laughing at this picture; all I need is a 10 gallon hat and I look ready to ride the range.  It didn't look that way in the mirror!  
Anyway, October's colors are brown, rust orange and oatmeal.

So, I've got on straight-legged Lee jeans (all my bootcuts are in the laundry. Still.  They were at the bottom of the mountain; I'm almost there...), a taupey Coldwater Creek sweater that might be considered oatmeal in some lighting, my brown rayon jersey 965 Jalie Tank Top and the made-for-choir orange/brown/taupe Threads smoke ring scarf, for which I have at least two more pieces of fabric earmarked only I canNOT find my pattern.  So I've got that issue of Threads pulled out so I can, at some point, re-create it.


Thursday this week was my FIRST day at home since the Wedding, and, while I intended to spend some time working on new sewing projects, pretty much all I did was laundry.  You'd think I coulda managed some tracing or cutting or something while the machines were running, but, alas, I seem to have done something else.

I just can't remember what. ;-)

But, I did promise a winner for the Galaxy dress pattern.  Since I only had two (count 'em ...two) folks identify themselves when they left comments since I announced the giveaway, I flipped a coin:  Heads would be my friend Felicia, Tales would be my friend Jess...and the coin landed on Heads.

So, I will be handing the pattern to Felicia on Wednesday night.  Hopefully it will inspire her to pull out her sewing machine and get reacquainted ;-)

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