Friday, July 01, 2011

Hope for the Ol' Stompin' Ground

I grew up in Hendricks County, just west of Indianapolis, and made many trips into Indy to shop for fabric at Cloth World, which is long...long...long gone. For several years, a trip home with a side trip to town to look for fabric resulted in just finding a new location for Jo Anns.

And you all know what kind of wonderful fabric there is to be found there. :rolleyes:

But today I stumbled across a link and discovered that a new, fine fashion fabric store has just opened:

The French Seam

It's on the north east side, rather a stretch for a jaunt into town when I'm up visiting the family farm, but I'm excited nonetheless. It's not THAT far from one of My Sweet Baboo's favorite side trips...a toy/model train store. So I'm thinking I should be able to stop in at some point and check out the new fabric.

For any of my readers who live in the Indy metro area...I'm just a little jealous... ;-)


  1. Hey thanks for this! I head that way every 6 months or so (on my way to Ft. Wayne) and we always stop at Trader Joe's, which is just down the road from this fabric store.

  2. I'm hoping I can work a deal...whatever is spent on toy trains, I can spend on fabric...LOL. No, wait, he may have better will power than I do...

  3. Thanks for the headsup. That's not too far from where my parents live (Hancock County) so maybe I'll be able to check it out during a visit. There used to be a shop specializing in wedding and special event fabrics up on the north side - it was either 82nd or 96th street, I think the latter. No clue if it's associated or still around, but they had some lovely laces and silks (I got some of the fabric for my wedding dress there). IIRC they also did custom dressmaking and alterations for fancy dresses.

  4. My daughter lives in Noblesville, so I will be making a stop here next time I visit. I also hit up Hancock's, since all I have in western NY is Joann's >.< I also try to do some fabric shopping when I'm home in 'Bama.