Friday, June 04, 2010

Jalie Pants, Iteration 2

Well, I'm getting closer. I wish the photos had turned out better; the settings were off somehow, and the back view was totally unusable; apparently I pulled the back cattywampus when I tucked in the top and my Sweet Baboo did not instruct me to fix it before he took the photos; there are many ugly wrinkles that I have not seen in the mirror. I intend to have the pictures retaken sometime when I put the pants on in the morning, instead of at the tail end of a long day.

I ultimately cut off most of the hip shaping; I've decided these pants are drafted for a figure type that has pretty pronounced curves. That did eliminate the side wrinkling that I had on the first pair

I need to go back over my alterations, though; the front dips more than in the first pair. I think I miscalculated how much I needed to remove after graining up the front seam; it's rather loose in the front. A bit more altering there would help.

Looking at the side view, it looks like the knee shaping hits just a hair below my actual knee; I'll shorted above the knee and lengthen below to see if I can make it look a little better proportioned from the side.

The pockets feel pretty good on this pair; at least I think I have that right!

Also, the first pair is quite snug and needs the stretch to be wearable; I've added enough ease in this pair that I think I could make them from non-stretch fabric and they'd work. However, that makes them a bit less flattering, for all that I feel they fit better.

This is not really the holy grail of pants fitting yet, but I do think I'm getting close.

The real objective is to get this pattern fitted well so I can just morph the changes onto the Jalie jeans pattern. ;)

BTW, this *was* garment 11 from the Gorgeous Fabrics Challenge. I'm kinda embarrassed that it took a month to get 'em done, but I did have to stop and make the graduation mantles for HMC...and I did have to take the back apart so I could remove some gappage from the back waist.

I've got one more item left to make in the challenge; I've got lots of plans but I think I'm going to pick a quick one. Life is squeezing out the sewing time right now....


  1. They look good! I understand all too well about wrinkles showing up in photographs that really aren't there in realy life. If all the Jalie patterns are based on the same block, I think you've got a good headstart on altering the jeans pattern for you.

  2. These look pretty darn good. I really like the pinstripes too.