Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Mediocre Picture of Mediocre Pants

The Flute Player played photographer for me this afternoon and this is the best photo of what she took (i.e., *all* of the pants are actually in the picture). Because of the stripes, you can see the ripples at the hip where the pattern (Jalie's 2909 'Classic Trousers') curves higher than I do.

There are some other issues with this pair that I won't go to the trouble of pointing out. I tucked in my top so the problems would be visible specifically for the sewing blog; I won't EVER wear these pants with a tucked-in top.

But they're wearable, and, with a layered black-on-red-on-black look, it worked.

I'll review them when I get the next iteration sewn up. ;)


  1. I love the title for this post....you're so funny. I like the pants too, I'm a big fan of stripes on pants.

  2. They're good looking, and certainly add variety to your wardrobe. I like the stripes - they give a longer look to your legs.