Monday, April 05, 2010

Praying for Shannon

If you recall, I mentioned that during my 12 weeks of sewing Gorgeous Fabrics, I meant to use the time to pray for Ann...and, just as I was starting the challenge, I learned of another sewing friend who was battling cancer, so I've been using my sewing time to pray for her, also. I didn't mention her name, because she said she was not being very public about it.

However,the news has now gone pretty public, so I thought I'd share a bit about my friend.

Most of the folks in the online sewing community know and love Shannon Gifford; Shannon has taught numerous online classes at PatternReview, written fabric sewing tips for Emma One Sock, written articles for Threads magazine, published the online sewing newsletter 'Sensible Sewing'...she's been visible online, and always helpful and gracious.

But beyond that, Shannon grew up in my neck of the woods and I've had the privilege of meeting her In Real Life on her trips back this way to visit family. She is just as helpful and gracious in person as she is on line. It has been a treat to know her.

I knew she was in a battle; I didn't know the scope of the battle until I happened to stumble across a chat that pointed me to a discussion thread on the Pattern Review boards that lead me to the blog about her battle.

I haven't been very active on the boards for quite a while; I'd missed a lot of earlier discussion, I think. I found the info just in time to read today's post that the doctors have pronounced the cancer no longer treatable.

Both Shannon and her husband have displayed remarkable faith and courage throughout; you can read the whole story on their blog.

I've got 4 more garments to make from my Gorgeous Fabrics; as I'm sewing them, I will of course be praying for Ann...with the fabric being a direct point of contact to her...but I'll also be holding Shannon in my heart and praying for her as well.

I'd like to encourage my friends in bloggy land to pray for them, too.


  1. Shannon is one of the loveliest ladies out there in internet land (and elsewhere). She was so sweet to me when I was diagnosed. I was so sad to read about her prospects earlier today.

    And to add another to the sisterhood who have been hit by cancer, Fred Bloebaum of La Fred patterns is also in the midst of a fierce fight. You can follow her progress here:

    Please say a prayer for both these wonderful women.

  2. Wow. I've met Fred, too, at the Atlanta Sewing Expo. I didn't get to take a class with her, but she worked with me on a 'stash busting' session one year. Very gracious and soft spoken and helpful. I'll definitely add her to the prayer list as well.

  3. How sad, yet how strong Shannon and her husband are in the Lord. I will add them and Fred to my prayer list, too.

  4. Shannon's husband, Mike, writes the most amazing posts...what a love story...