Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gorgeous Fabrics Week 10

Since the Flute Player has outgrown a number of tops this this spring, I figured I'd better get a few things made for her if I could. I pulled out the last of several orange-based pieces of fabric that I ordered from Ann about a year ago specifically for her, as orange is her favorite color, and looked for a pattern to use.

I decided to try something a little different, and traced off the boat-neck version of Jalie 2005, in a size S this time (I think the last tracing I had for her was a 'P'...she's really shot up in the past year), and I used the cap sleeve from Jalie 965.

I had to take a sharpie and write 'BACK' on the turned under portion of the back neckline...*I* had trouble telling the front from the back, and I knew which way I'd flipped the shoulder seams!

She's happy.

I had a fair sized chunk of fabric left...I'd only gotten a yard of this, but it was 70" wide. So I scraped and pieced a Jalie 965 tank top for her out of it; that may be my 'catch up' garment early next week! ;)


  1. She's too cute!! I always tack a little piece of ribbon in the back somewhere so that my small fry can find the back of something. They don't seem to get that the seams point to the back. :-)

  2. And the shoulder seams on this top are only, like, 3/4" long...ya gotta look close. Not good for someone who may be late for school and dressing in a hurry.

    Actually, in a top like this I *usually* sew a bit of ribbon under the seam finish, too, but I didn't think about it at the right time. The sharpie marker is a bit of a joke...

  3. I love that top on her! The color is perfect for her.