Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Pillar to Post

As in, running from one to the other.

My Sweet Baboo is out of town this week; the annual SDM conference has taken him to Orlando this year. I count the days he's gone in terms of mornings that I have to make sure the two still-in-school kids meet their morning timelines...ordinarily, MSB takes The Actor to his bus stop on his way to work; it throws a bit of a glitch in my morning when I've got to get him off and then come back and get The Flute Player out the door.

Hopefully, next year they will be at the same school, and life will be much easier.

But, aside from that, it's been a busy week. The only evening I *didn't* have to be somewhere else I spent running errands. sewing so far this week, although I'm very close to having the-next-size-up Jalie 2005 traced off for the Flute Player so I can crank out a couple of tops for her soon. Seems like I just get one traced and then it's too those multi-sized Jalies!!

Anyway, in the evening phone conversations with My Sweet Baboo, I inquired as to where the SDM conference will be in the next few years. He told me it will be in Denver next year, Honolulu the year after, and in Boston in 2013.

I want to go to Boston with him.

There are *lots* of sewing blogger/sewing board buddies in the area; there's great fabric stores in the area and it's a day trip to the NY Garment district...right?

I could have such fun while he's sitting in stodgy conference sessions!

Better start saving my pennies now ;)


  1. I tend to get jealous reading of all the bloggers who get together up in that neck of the woods; it would be so fun to join in sometime!

  2. Going to Boston sounds great. Going to Honolulu sounds pretty good too!

  3. Oh yeah, come to Boston! I live 1 1/2 hours away from Ann's Studio.