Monday, April 19, 2010

Caught Up

12 Weeks of Gorgeous Fabrics - garment #10

Squeezed a Jalie 965 top for The Flute Player out of the remnants...literally! I pieced the neckband and somehow the back is off grain...didn't notice that until I was matching the stripes on the side seams. I don't think I could've fit it on at all if I had actually folded it square (I thought I did...dunno what I goofed on) it JUST BARELY fit; I had to trim the back armholes out a bit to get past the notched place on one side. But, as the only place the offgrain is really noticeable is at the back hem, and this is intended to be a knock-around-the-house summer top, it'll be ok.

For that reason I'm not going to take the white armhole band off and flip it, either...didn't notice *that* until I looked at the photo. I meant to put the orange side out on both bands....:rolleyes:...

And I just looked at the calendar and realized that this is the 3rd week of April, which is *supposed* to be my quarterly Internet break. So I'll be off the rest of the week...hopefully I'll have Garment 11 done by Sunday... ;)


  1. Does anyone notice off-grain anymore? I'm sure she could wear it out and about casually and no one would blink an eye.
    What is an "internet break"? That intrigued me.

  2. I love these orange tops - the tank is fun with the trim a little different on each side. I love those Jalie patterns, too. I just keep tracing my daughter a bigger size! Eventually she'll wear my size and I won't have to trace!

  3. This is cute. I just made this top for my DD with a remnant too. Also striped, lol. Did you lower the neckline at all?

  4. A couple of years ago I decided I'd take one week every 3 months to stay home, stay off the internet and catch up on the domestic duties that pile up. I managed to stay off the boards and blogs this week, but had a number of appointments and such that kept me running all over town, so I didn't get so much done!

    Keely, other than lengthening the top a bit, I made it as printed. That's the original neckline.