Monday, November 10, 2008

A Two-success weekend...

I have no idea what the bag sold for (it was a *silent* auction), but a friend of mine purchased it. She didn't realize I had made it until she found the label inside the pocket. I first thought she bought it because I'd made it (um, I hope that sounds like I meant it...not like I was the designer, but just because she knew me), but that wasn't the case. So I guess it looked good enough!

And I looked very, very closely at the shirt onstage Friday night and could just barely tell it lapped right-over-left. I'm sure no one else could notice. The Velcro held well, and opened easily when it needed to, so all is well.

And the young man who portrayed Jesus won 'Best Actor' for the whole district, which I think is really, really cool. They will be performing the musical at Lee High this Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun, if anyone is nearby and would like to see it. Tickets are only 5 - 8 dollars; I think we're going to go back. And, they did qualify for the state competition in December.

The Actor also qualified with his individual events...he did a Dave Barry piece as a monologue, and he and a buddy did Abbott & Costello's classic 'Who's on First?'...and muffed a couple of lines. Somehow, they still managed to pull a Superior rating; hopefully they'll have it iced by State.

And I've got a schedule conflict and won't be able to go and watch, which is a bummer.


  1. What a beautiful bag!
    I love it when I get a chance to teach sewing . I work part-time at a fabric chain and I love it when some teen or other person needs help . I guess that's the teacher in me. ( I'm a retired high school teacher.happy Sewing.

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