Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Costume Maintenance '08 Day 3: Spongey Sewing

I had a little, um, unorthodox costuming to do today.

Tomorrow night is the girls' ministry advancement ceremony, and all of the girls will be recognized for the work they've done over the past year, and we will promote them to the new class (club) for next year.

However, since we are chronically and woefully short of dedicated workers, there is a skit to be presented to rather humorously challenge folks to get involved in ministry.

I'm not going into it, except to say that I had to come up with some way to get, um, fanny-sized sponges. They're not padding...they're to obviously be sponges applied to the sitting portion of the anatomy.

I hunted around for large, say, automotive or boat sponges, or even large decorative painting sponges and had no luck. But I did find several sheets of 1" thick foam in the costume area of the attic. After doing a little investigative work to discover who the foam actually belonged to, I got permission to use some of it.

So I cut 18" x 10" rectangles, paired them up, cut holes in the top layer (and a few holes along the edges of both layers) and glued them together. I left them on the table, weighted down with whatever I could find. Actually, they look a little more like large slabs of Swiss cheese than sponges, but I'm hoping that, with the proper introduction, folks will see them as sponges.

And yes, I'm going to be one of the ladies w/the sponge taped to my backside.

The advancement service is actually going to be on the live webcast tomorrow starting at 7 PM central (click on the 'My Church' link on the sidebar), if you want to see me make a fool of myself. ;)

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