Friday, August 29, 2008

Making Eyelet Progress

So, yeah, I recut both the left front and the left side front. Summerset was would've bugged me even if no one else noticed it.

Once that little task was covered, I started sewing...and got all the pieces assembled I could before I had to change thread in the sewing machine for the contrast top stitching. Now, I have finished that first round of top stitching and I'm ready to put some more pieces together.

One thing that held me up on the jacket was trying to decide what to do about interfacing. I didn't want to use any, because I didn't want it showing through the eyelet holes.

Y'know what I decided? All that embroidery acts as a stabilizer in and of itself... so I decided to skip it altogether.

I think it'll be okay. ;)


  1. I knew you'd be happier with it. I agree, it is denim and is embroidered, it probably has enough life of its own without the interfacing.