Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeans frustration

Why can't there be stylish jeans that fit?

I have some jeans that fit pretty well...but they're 'Mom jeans' with straight legs. Ok for mom stuff, but if I want to look the least bit uptown there needs to be a little length and a little flare on 'em.

Those Lee jeans I've been wearing in the choir Sunday posts look ok, but the truth is they don't fit around the waist very well.

They're cut below the waist, and after tugging them up repeatedly I finally did a little experiment Sunday and discovered what I suspected was true...I could actually get them off without touching the zipper or button. A belt cinched up enough to make them feel secure wrinkled up the waistband to the uncomfortable point.

I pulled out my Hot Patterns jeans pattern (Plain and simple flare legs? I can't remember without looking...) and put it in the 'work on this' box and wondered where I would get something to muslin them with.

Lo and behold, my friend Miss K was clearing out some old stash fabric and she had a number of yards to donate...either to me or to the costume stash at church; she said she didn't care what I did with it. Wouldn't you know, there was a 2.5 yard chunk of denim in that? The rest of the fabric went to the church storeroom (not all of it is suitable for costumes, but I didn't have time to sort though it Monday), but that denim came home with me.

After I run it through the laundry a couple of times to pre-shrink it, I'll give those HP jeans a try.

Hopefully I will get something that will both stay up and look sharp...

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  1. Good luck on making the HP jeans. That's something I've thought about trying (and yes, there's denim in my stash) but since I shy away from sewing pants at all, the jeans are a long way off. If in the meantime you still want to try some RTW jeans, take a look at Ralph Lauren jeans. They're pricey, about 2-3 times the price of Lee, but I found the fit much better and they were cut more stylish. I also find Lee jeans ok-fitting but the RL were far better. I got mine at Macys.