Saturday, August 02, 2008

Frog Stitchin'

(Y'know: 'rip it...')
I have cut out a total of 5 tops this week, 2 purple tops and three brown ones, for choir wear this month. Thought they'd be quick to throw together.

I paused on my Kwik Sew white shirt, changed the thread in the machines and forge ahead into Vogue 8323. The link is to the review for the scoop-neck version, which I've made and like a lot (once the neckline was raised a tad). This time, I decided to try the surplice view. I had some rather beefy cotton/lycra knit that I thought would hold the shape of the neckline well, and I whipped it up fairly quickly.

And tried it on, and found that the back of the neckline hit the middle of my skull. I reread the other reviews for the top, and didn't really notice that anyone else had encountered this problem, but it appeared that the other ladies who had made this view were using drapey fabric that kind of collapsed, so perhaps it didn't matter.

It wasn't wearable as it was. I could make it feel a bit better by folding the back neck down a bit and rolling the folded edge to the inside, but it was already a double layer of fabric and, as I said, this was beefy stuff, so...I took. it. apart.

Cut 2" off the height of the back, and whacked 2" off the sides of the 'wrap' pieces so they'd more or less match, and sewed it back together.

It's still high in the back, and there's a wrinkle across the base of my neck, but it's at least semi-wearable.

I think.

Anyway, it's done to the hems, which need a double needle, so I'm moving on to my other purple knit top (Sandra Betzina's faux-lero top) and I'll double needle 'em both at the same time.

So much for speedy sewing...

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  1. Oh Ho! The model in the drawing *does* have a long neck but.... Thanks for the heads up on this design feature. I someday intend to make the surplice version and now I know.