Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eyelet is Committed

Ain't it always the case? I spent a bunch of time hunting that pattern, and then when I found it I decided not to use it.

I had it all spread out on the cutting table, ready to trace, and decided I just didn't want to invest all the time to tweak and fit a new pattern...especially as I hadn't made one of Cynthia's patterns yet and I would be starting from scratch as to what alterations I would need for it.

Plus, I realized I wanted a really good basic design that would be wearable for years; the pattern I was looking at had an asymmetric front...hmm.

So I went upstairs and pulled out the jacket I really had originally intended as the test jacket for this fabric...McCall's 5191, put it on and looked it over really well. And realized that that jacket fit really well, it was relatively easy to make... and it was Ready to Go.

So I pulled out the eyelet denim that has been waiting for over a year to become a nice little jacket and began the cutting process. With a little determination (and, hopefully, no serious distractions!) I can get that made in time to wear next Sunday, while denim and brown are still the designated colors for choir... ;)


  1. Is that the brown eyelet denim from Gorgeous Fabrics? I think that it was reversible to brown.

  2. I didn't get this from Ann; I got it from Muna Couture in Nashville, TN (and paid a bit more for it, too, than Ann charged when she had it later). The embroidery is the same on both sides, but the denim is a much lighter color on the reverse. I was really stingy on the layout, and I think I managed to have a large enough remnant that I can make a vest; I think I'll use some of the reverse as a trim...when I get around to it! Jacket first!

  3. I remember this fabric - I can't wait to see it made up! It will be perfect for wearing this fall - choir colors or not.