Thursday, August 14, 2008

Costume Maintenance Day Nine -- We're Cuttin'

Miss M and I finished all the items that I'd pulled to mend and returned the rack and the costumes to the attic yesterday; today we switch gears and start cutting out what garments we have. I'd estimate we've got a couple of days' worth of cutting to do, but I do expect a few more sets of fabric to come in for HMC Bible costumes. If we run out of cutting to do before Wednesday (which is when we have to clean out so the room is available for the resumption of the class that meets in there on Wednesday nights), we'll start sewing on what we've got.

I had a brainstorm...I had a blue pull-on cloak w/sleeves that needed hemming. It had a rather low-ish v neck into a center front seam, and I had Miss M rip out the seam in the front so that it was a regular cloak. Then, when I sat down to hem it up, it occurred to me that I could pull the sleeves off of it, finish off the edges, add a couple of tassels to the corners and then I wouldn't have to make a blue tasseled vest from scratch to replace one that had gone missing from one of our priest/Levite/Pharisee costumes. Took about an hour...and it's done.

Which is good, because there was no blue fabric anywhere in the stash (yeah, there's a small one at church...donations and leftovers, mostly), and I was going to have to seek out blue fabric on the dollar table at Wal-Mart. Now I don't have to!

Progress is good. :D

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