Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Costume Maintenance: Day 9- Eyes on the Goal

I'm off for what I *hope* is the last day of mending, although several items have surprised me in that, when I began to work on the issue I noted needing repair, I found that I had to do some serious un-sewing in various places to get it truly repaired, so I'm not going to say that I absolutely will finish today.

But it is possible.

Once the mending is done, we start cutting New Stuff. I have some Angel costumes to make, Huntsville Master's Commission wants their own costume for 'Jesus on Earth' (there is a long story there...just leave it that I'm quite happy to sew them one of their very own), I have one costume for a choir person to make, and so far one new Masters' student has brought fabric in. So it's not overwhelming at this point.

We have to be out of our room in a week; I really hope we don't get inundated with costumes to cut on Monday!

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