Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Catching Up

Y'know, it's harder to catch up than I thought; there's so much that happened in the last month and I really kind of let it slide right by me (I did manage to vote in the annual Timmel SWAP contest; but I knew that was coming up and I'd been following it up until the Internet Hiatus. The wardrobes are fabulous, as always, and everyone has offered up a wonderful lady made THREE separate wardrobes! Congratulations to everyone who completed a wardrobe, and an extra pat on the back to the winners!). Anyway. I had hundreds of blog posts that I hadn't read, and dozens of pages of unread posts on the bulletin boards... so I just skimmed it all. Real quick. It probably wasn't even enough to know what I read, but I couldn't just hit 'mark as read' and ignore it. So it'll probably take me a while to get back into the flow of things.

But I promised word on costumes today! And I've got two different costuming projects in the wings. One has no 'due date' -- just whenever I can get to it. It's the Medieval Knight Angels. I found the black-and-gold stretch velvet we used for Pippin. It was in the special order book at Hancock's; it was only shown in gold-on-black; it was $20 a yard. Not gonna work. But, whilst I was at Sir's (yes, the semi-local fabric outlet of supreme temptation...the place of my Parity downfall last spring...but I held firm and only bought costuming fabric this time!) looking for linen fabric for the other costuming project, I found some neat gold foil print on white knit; it's the drapey liquid lame stuff, only it's a very pale gold. I think it will look really neat under stage lights...all shimmery. So I loaded up on that, and some white-white linen-looking stuff for the tabbards. And some white knit stuff to line the gold (it is rather sheer). The angels will be coming soon.

But first I'll have to do the project that HAS a due date. This year's Royal Ranger state Pow-Wow camp will have an...arg! Pirate theme, and I've got an assignment to make pirate costumes for three of our commanders (one being my husband, another being the Senior Commander of our outpost). Senior Commander wants a full-out Jack Sparrow Costume complete w/coat. But they will be outside -- in Alabama -- in June. So I suggested linen fabrics as being the most comfortable (hence the trip to Sir's). I actually found several pieces of what feels to be linen or mostly linen for $3/yard up there; the rest is on order from FFC and Michael and should be here this week. I ordered 4 dozen antique gold buttons from Atlanta Thread and Supply that cost about .31 each w/shipping added in; turns out they have a kind of equestrian design on them; I'm hoping no one notices. So...Oi'll be sewin' up some piratey things real soon, matey, but Oi moight 'ave me some 'elp from th' other sewin' loidies.... we got about 5 weeks on that 'un.

It's going to be a busy month.

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